The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Corporate Headshots

Best corporate headshots are a tough nut to crack… read below to find out how you can nail them!

Corporate headshots are essential in portraying a good first impression. It’s important to pay heed to the message you are trying to convey and a decent dress to match it. For example, a creative agency owner might prefer something more fun and casual, whereas a law firm might opt for wearing a three-piece suit and looking more serious.

Important things to consider when having professional headshots taken

Here’s a guide on how to prepare for corporate headshot shoot, what to wear, your posture, and other elements that will help you stand out and give the best impression possible.

Your Look

It’s important to know what your best angles are. Some people are aware of certain facial features. Photographers are commonly used to hearing this, so don’t ever feel embarrassed to tell them that, for example, your nose is slightly asymmetrical, in this case, the photographer could angle you to one side so that the perspective makes it look fine.

Your Smile

Most people know whether they look better with their teeth-y smile or not. Even for professional businessman headshots, smiling both with and without your teeth would work, so smile whichever way you like. A forced smile, however, isn’t a good idea and might even make you seem even disingenuous. You should be able to recognize a ‘natural’ smile through a person’s eyes.

Pro tip: think of something that brings a smile on your face, this will both relax you and give you a nice, genuine smile!

Your Clothes

Be classic.

For ladies: You can choose a professional suit or a decent office-wear outfit. Don’t pick anything WITH bold or distracting patterns, however little pops of color here and there would do fine. Avoid short sleeves; if anything, they can look unprofessional and also dims the face. For jewelry, go for subtle and classic statement pieces, and say NO to anything blingy or flashy. Nobody wants to notice your jewellery before your face!

And for Gentlemen: Pick your favorite suit from your wardrobe in a preferably dark color, such as grey or dark navy blue. Bold colors and patterns, as well as shiny ties, distract focus from the face and can also look unprofessional. If you don’t like wearing a tie, it’s best to wear a jacket or a sweatshirt or some other kind of layers to break it up, so you don’t look like a floating head!

There isn’t any strict rule for ‘what to wear,’ as long as you look presentable and up to date, you are good. In startups, for example, a much more “casual” style is preferred.

Your Posture

The key to looking confident is your body language. Don’t hunch your shoulders, and keep your back straight; think of the posture of a ballet dancer, but don’t overdo it else you’d look too rigid. Don’t cross your hands or put your hands in your pockets; this is seen as closed body language and will immediately make you look unapproachable.

Your Make-over

For the best corporate headshots, lots of people consider hiring a make-up artist as a good idea. It is, of course, totally up to you. You want your headshot to be easily recognisable, and you wouldn’t want it the make-up to overpower the photo. Furthermore, the camera will sharply pick up clumps of mascara or heavy lipstick, so bear in mind that you are not going overboard with it. A decent rule of thumb is to think about what kind of make-up look you would wear to a nice dinner out, where the main course costs £25 but not £75.

Your Hair

Don’t cut or dye your hair right before the headshot shoot; this rule is especially imperative for gentlemen. Some shades of freshly dyed hair can appear too vibrant and usually go dull about 1-2 weeks later, so be careful with that.

Corporate Headshots help you grow more in the industry while setting your impression straight. They reassure your clients and potential business acquaintances that you are a promising and professional person to work with. To present a decent personality and the real you, choose an outfit and posture that reflect who you are. Other than that, all you need to do is to take a happy and relaxed attitude to the shoot!

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