I had my session, we took hundreds of images, we’re done aren’we? Not quite.

When it comes to retouching, it’s all about being subtle. You wouldn’t want someone to go over your face with an airbrush (yes skin smoothing filter, I’m talking about you). The goal is to get rid of any distractions, fly away hair, creases or small logos on clothes, removing blemishes or dark circles around the eyes without loosing the texture of your skin. Don’t worry if you wake up with a pimple on your forhead on your headshot day – no need to cancel your session, it can be easily removed.
The other essential- although not as famous- part of the process is colour correction – balancing skin tone and altering the color of clothing or background to give an overall feel to your image and draw more attention to your eyes.

Move the sliders to see a before and after example.