Little Distractions That Efficiently Ruin your Photos

Aside from top portrait photographers camera failure and dead expressions, there are other things too that can effectively ruin your photos!

“It’s the little things that matter.” Nearly all of us are familiar with this old cliché, and this applies to pictures as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re having professional headshots, your family portraits, business portraits, or senior portraits taken, there are some minute details that you must pay attention to.

Obviously, nobody wants to kick hidden OCD in their pictures by ignoring tiny distractions that can 10/10 ruin your look in all of your photographs. To help you deal with this often overlooked issue, here are a few things on what you need to pay attention to before getting started with your photography session:

Wrinkled clothes

Whether you are deliberate or intentional about your outfit choices every single day or if you just throw on whatever piece looked clean… your wardrobe will say a lot about you and your authenticity. So even though your headshots and portraits are meant to focus on your personality, what you wear is still a huge part of it to consider.

But it’s not just about your choice of the perfect outfit – it’s about how appropriately you wear it, too. If your clothes are mad-wrinkled, be prepared to go from on-point to disastrous instantly.

Wrinkles, especially when photographed, become obnoxiously apparent. So, if you are looking for the quickest way to look like a total mess wrinkled clothes are your way to go.

Messy fingernails

Fingernails counts among one of those tiny details that smoothly go unnoticed, until there’s something off! Dirty fingernails or cracks and chips can be attention hogs – something you definitely need to avoid!

Whether you enjoy weekly nail spa visits or if you don’t ever really bother about your cuticles, when it comes to your professional portraits, you want to make sure your fingernails are looking just as fine as the rest of you.

If you’re up for a traditional business portrait from a famous portrait photographer, then you might not have to worry about how your hands look. But if you’re having a portrait session, senior portraits, or family portraits – your hands might as well be included in the frame. So, be sure to keep them clean and pretty just like you.

Chipped lips and dry skin

Besides the apparent fact that ashy skin and cracked lips aren’t anybody’s best look, it’s also really unsettling! And feeling such a way can automatically shatter your confidence. You want to not only look but feel your best. Therefore, drink enough water, nicely prep your skin and lips, so that all the makeup, outfit, and lighting look perfect on you.

Bulky make up

You want your photos to be easily recognisable, and heavy makeup can massively overpower the photo. Furthermore, the camera is sharp enough to pick up clumps of mascara or heavy foundation, so bear in mind to never go overboard with it.

Surely, nobody wants their pictures to be full of distractions. Hence, fixing these teeny tiny details is your way to make sure you end up with perfect portraits.

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