How to use your personal portraits to make a difference in your field?

Personal branding is the new buzz word in town. Everyone is a brand in their own personality, but only the smart ones realise their potential than others.

Online gurus and entrepreneurs alike, writer, actors, and public figures work hard to build a personal identity and brand it in a way that it replaces business card and reinforces their popularity and influence in the public eye. And for this, professional and popular portrait photographers have a major role to play.

Building your own brand as a solopreneur or business owner can help you stand out in the industry whilst setting you apart from the competition. Your brand will affect how people perceive your products and business and allow you to connect with your ideal clients. All of this revolves around defining yourself and your personality for who you are – and what’s the other way of doing so except getting a personal portrait session?

Visuals matter

When it comes to establishing an effective personal brand, there are several elements at play. To lay a strong foundation for your personal brand, you need to show the world your genuine qualities that shape your character and personality, such as passions and values.

A strong online presence that is powerful, memorable, and consistent can create a difference. Here you can take advantage of the visual nature of the human brain by using photography to reinforce your personal brand. No matter how tiny or giant your ‘thing’ is, high-quality and authentic photography will play a key role in delivering the personality of your brand. One striking portrait session and your chances to connect and develop a relationship with your audience are multiplied by ten.

Benefits of personal portraits

Personal Branding Portraits go beyond capturing your face and you as a business owner. They visually communicate and showcase your business’s brand. They are a powerful tool that can enhance your positioning as an expert in the industry. You can collaborate with any of the most famous portrait photographers and combine professional, business-related content with personal portraits to create a communicative identity of yourself and your business.

How to include them in your marketing mix?

Branding portraits can be used on a variety of different online platforms and as marketing materials. The most common uses for these very engaging branding images are:

  • Social media accounts; cover and/or banner.
  • Website bio page or landing page.
  • Marketing and print materials such as business cards, newsletter, promotional flyer, merchandise & advertisements.
  • Email profile picture and signature.


Personal portraits are just another form of branding for small business owners and aspirants that focuses on bringing out the heart and qualities of a person behind that particular brand. Professional photographs will not only make your communication more engaging but also add a touch of authenticity to your brand making sure that quality and style is something that pops first in mind when people think of your brand.

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