How to feel more confident during your portrait session

As a photographer, I so often hear my clients comment on how uncomfortable and awkward they feel in front of the camera. I understand how this can get a tad bit difficult for anyone who isn’t used to of the shutter clicking around them. This is why I have some handy tips for everyone out there who has been through this struggle.

So, buckle up and take these bits of advice which all famous portrait photographers believe in, and start feeling more confident and beautiful when you are put front and centre!

Get to know your photographer

If you’re comfortable around the person who’s shooting you, you will feel slightly more confident and free in front of the camera. You won’t be shy or grasp for air if they ask you to pose a certain way. I make it super easy for you as I thrive on getting to know my clients on a personal level before taking out my gear and start clicking. I want everyone to feel like themselves when my camera is around them – which is the only way to have exceptional images.

Wear comfortable clothes

There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes on your shoot day and feeling self-conscious in them. It is advised to wear something that is not just flattering but also makes you feel as light and beautiful as you are.

Create a fun playlist maybe

Who doesn’t love-love a little music and some grooves before getting started?feel free to bring along your fun playlist – with songs that always lift your mood and get you in the moves. Music has the superpower to bring out all sorts of confidence in a person, and it will also help me to capture some of your beautiful candid moments – in your true essence.

Forget if there’s even a camera

Now, this might sound kind of silly considering there will definitely be a camera right in front of you, but it is very easy to keep yourself distracted from thinking ‘oh, this isn’t my angle? Am I posing right? Does she think I’m ugly and horrible at this? I bet these photos are a disaster’. No dear, famous portrait photographers don’t think about all such when they’re photographing you.

This is what you sign up me for, to guide you through your awkwardness and make sure your shoot is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Pamper yourself beforehand

Now, this doesn’t have to be anything extra; it could be something as simple as getting your manicure done or having your hair blow-dried or getting a massage. If you do something for yourself, that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside, it can help boost your confidence and radiate through the lens onto the final result.

Most important of all, don’t forget to have fun! Your portrait session shouldn’t be something you dread, but a day you are looking forward to and will be a really happy memory for yours to cherish for many years!

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