Get a professional, aesthetic 8×10 photo of “who you are” – your ultimate headshot from BOZ photography!

Learning how to take an artistic headshot appears like a convenient skill for most photographers, but  not all photographers can give you a market-ready headshot. Finding the  top headshot photographers in London who are ready to work within your comfort zone isn’t always easy, especially if you are a bit choosy about your angles. And this is where Bernadette Oz Photography will rescue all your sceptical photography needs with confidence.

In today’s digital world, professional headshots for actors are more important than ever before. If you’re an actor, your headshot gets you in front of casting directors and agents and helping you stand out on talent directories like Spotlight. If you are running a business, professional business headshots on your social media accounts such as Twitter and LinkedIn are often the first point of contact for key influencers in your career. Headshots are a huge aspect of how you are going to present yourself to the world. Being a headshot photography expert, Bernadette’s mere aesthetic is stunning stills that define YOU as a brand.

Why Bernadette?

The answer to this million-dollar question is hidden in the photos Bernadette will deliver. People working in creative fields know the importance that their headshots hold. They could be lying around on office desks unnoticed, or become a legit calling card.

My creative lens helps you portray yourself as a professional?As you book BOZ photography for artist headshots, making you comfortable with the session becomes my top priority. Before getting started, I ensure that we are both on the same page regarding the aim of this photoshoot – that is to get you a killer headshot. Whether it’s a corporate headshot to be submitted with a job application or an actor’s portfolio – nothing matters to me more than amazing photos and happy clients. My job to ensure that your very first impression is perfect for your target audience and makes others want to know more about you.

Land Auditions With Cinematic, Stunning Acting Headshots From An Acclaimed Actor Photographer Bernadette Oz.

Our exclusive headshot equipment is meant to give you a nice, crisp image without too much bulk and weightBernadette vows to tick all the essentials of a classic, professional headshot

There’s nothing like photogenic at Bernadette Oz Photography. We know how to bring out the “you” in your headshot. equipment, good light, creative flair and strong piercing eyes are all Bernadette needs to make your headshot stand out among a huge pile.

Looking for a professional headshot photographer to update a ‘new, real you’ on your profile? Contact Bernadette Oz Photography now to get your headshots taken and send them to everyone in town.