Best Photo Editing Apps for Quarantined Photography Enthusiasts

Photography is indeed one of the best things to do while you are in quarantine. What else you can do to make your new hobby more interesting is to get into editing. Give your photos the treatment they deserve with these handy editing apps.


Google’s Snapseed is a powerpack software for those who love to edit on desktops. With its vast range of features and extremely intuitive interface, this free photo editing app also comes with interesting preset filters. However, unlike most editing apps, you can adjust these filters according to your own liking and even come up with your own from scratch.

It has all of the classic editing tools, such as cropping, frames, straightening, text, vignettes, etc. And the sharpening feature does its job so good without making your photos look grainy.

What’s more interesting is that Snapseed saves your edit history, so that you can make changes to your previous edits at any point.


VSCO is no different than Instagram, Camera, editing tools, and a plus of an online community. But, this app is all about filters.

It can not only give you clean-cut photos like any headshot photographer in London would, but also lets you be creative and experiment with different aesthetics.

VSCO offers you a set of stunning filters that gives your photos all the analogue camera vibes.

These subtle and mesmerising filters add a touch of class to your photos. Be it high street fashion looks, vintage rustic touches, clean but faded poses, VSCO can take your editing game to new, out-of-the-box levels.

Of course, the app is comprised of all the standard editing tools, like cropping, adjustments, borders, grains, and vignettes. You can also adjust the exposure, temperature, contrast, or skin tones.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

If you want to take your editing game to the next level, Lightroom is the answer.

The app version of the popular desktop photo editing software provides access to professional-level editing tools on the go. Not just that, it also works for RAW files – a high-quality image format preferred by professional photographers.

One of the great things about Lightroom CC is that it’s not trying to do the job for everyone.

Instead, it focuses on handing out a set of high-quality adjustment tools that users can explore themselves to come up with something of their own. Tools are presented as sliders and allow you to adjust the detail, light, colour, distortion, saturation, angle, and grain of your photos.

Capture One

This one is the software loved by all the top headshot photographers. Capture One is a power-packed and intuitive software that enhances your photo editing experience making it smoother and more precise.

With image quality as its driving factor, Capture One maximises the output of every RAW file, bringing out the highest level of details ever possible. Each lens supports a custom-made lens profile, providing adequate tools for minimising distortion, noise, and light fall-off.

Hope these apps will keep you hooked through this quarantine and help you come out as a pro-photo editor yourself.

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