7 Creative Self Portrait Ideas

While we are all self-quarantining (not very thankful to the monstrous COVID-19), the hunt for new activities to kill boredom is just never-ending. From cooking to organising to video chatting our friends, there’s nothing more left to try for some of us – except photography.

Yeah, taking photos of household objects is fun to an extent, but experimenting with self-portraits is a whole new world of its own. To keep you all hooked, I am here with some uber-aesthetic self-portrait ideas to try at home.

Work out that silhouette

Silhouette photography is your way to produce dramatic self-portraits. Whether you’re shooting in your room or the garden, this is a pretty easy portrait technique to pull off. All you need is a sheer bright light source in the background.

Ditch the auto settings on your camera. Use a fast shutter speed, keep your ISO low, and set the aperture according to the lighting condition and voila!

Extreme close-ups

The extreme close-ups that famous portrait photographers take are everybody’s favourite – and very easy to recreate. Focus on any particular facial feature and capture it. For example, focus your crooked teeth smile or your eyes/lashes. Leave half of your face out of the frame, sp that the viewer’s eyes are drawn to your focal point even faster.

Shoot your hands

A self-portrait doesn’t mean photographing your face only. One great self-portrait tip is to try shooting your hands. Hands are unique; they can tell a person’s whole life story through their wrinkles, callouses, and scars. How you choose to pose with your hands is up to you; hold an object, touch someone else’s hands, or simply play with your own.

Make a diptych or triptych

Diptychs and triptychs are a combination of two and three photos, respectively. Combining the poses side by side, weaves a story. You could shoot yourself – following one theme – from different angles, zooming in and out, changing lights, or simply capture yourself in different poses. Put all of these together and tell your own creative story.

Shoot in black & white

Black and white adds timelessness to your portraits. Top portrait photographers remove the colour from images and put more emphasis on texture and contrast. Pay attention to the shadows and highlights in your shot. Work on the contrast post-production; by increasing it, you can really make your black and white portraits pop.

Get creative with framing

With a tripod and some planning, it gets easier than ever to incorporate an interesting frame in your photos. The possibilities for creative self-portraits are endless, whether it’s a window frame, a doorway, an object with an opening, some foliage, or even your own hands.

Use interesting shadows

The most essential element to a great photo is proper lighting. However, it’s not like that the absence of light will completely screw your photos, yet it is another tool you can make most of to create cool self-portraits. Try shooting next to your window blinds, across your plants, around the fence – possibilities are just endless. All of it will produce a sense of mystique in your photos.

So, grab your camera/phone and get creative! You can share your shots in the comments, too, for all of us to take inspiration.

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